How to bring data from ArcGIS Online or Server to TerraGo Edge

Prior to beginning you will need to have the following set up:

  • ArcGIS online or ArcGIS Server account.   If you do not already have an ArcGIS online account, one can be created at
  • TerraGo Edge server
  • TerraGo Edge mobile

1.  Log into your TerraGo Edge Server.

2.  Navigate to the Settings--Integrations menu

3.  Click Connect

4. Select if you wish to connect to ArcGIS online or to an ArcGIS Server instance and enter in your username and password for ArcGIS online, or your server information for ArcGIS server.

5.  Click Connect.  Your ArcGIS online or Server features should now be available to Edge Server.

6.  Navigate to the Settings menu--Import option.

7.  Select the ArcGIS tab.

8.  Select or create a new notebook.

9.  Select a feature class you would like to import.  This list should contain all available layers from your ArcGIS online or Server account.

10.  Select how you would like the notes named.

  • Available options are to select the name from the feature class field, use the FID, use the Default name, or to Create a Custom Name.

11.  Click Import.



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