TerraGo Edge 4.1 Now Available

New features in TerraGo Edge 4.1 and TerraGo Magic 2.1 include:

New Advanced Mobile Mapping Features for Last Mile Directions

  • Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Automatically navigate to specific locations in TerraGo Edge using Apple® and Google® directions and maps.
  • Extended Waypoint Guidance and Proximity Alerts: View remaining distance and direction to specific waypoints on a map in TerraGo Edge to locate off-road assets. Configurable proximity alerts will indicate when you're close to your destination.
Laser Range Finder Integration
  • GPS Offset Mapping: Remotely capture points, lines, and polygons with high-accuracy using a laser range finder to accelerate data collection work, map difficult to reach locations and minimize physical movements.
  • TruPulse® Certified Integration: Seamless integration with Laser Technology’s (LTI) top of the line, professional-grade laser range finders.

Note: This release is only applicable to TerraGo Edge 4.  If you are on TerraGo Edge v3.x, you will need to migrate to the TerraGo Edge 4 app to take advantage of the latest features.  Review TerraGo Edge 4 Upgrade Instructions here.


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