How can I control the fields and layers visible to an end user when exporting a GeoPDF?

TerraGo allows you to control not only which layers you can export attribute information for, but also, which fields within those layers, you want your end user to see. If you wish to export attribute information for a particular layer, but don’t want your end user to see all of the fields in your original dataset simply:

1. Right click on the layer in the ArcMap Table of Contents.
2. Click on the Properties Option.
3. Click on the Fields tab.
4. Check on or off the individual fields related to that layer. Only fields containing a check mark will export out to the GeoPDF.
5. Click the Publisher for ArcGIS Export Configuration button.
6. Click the Attributes Tab.
7. Select your output type (Object Data or GeoPackage) Check on the layers you want attribute information exported for.
8. Export the map.

Your output file will only contain the layers, and individual fields the document creator specified prior to the export.


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