Important TerraGo Edge 4.0 Upgrade Instructions and FAQs


TerraGo Edge 4.0 is now available!  Since this release includes so many new enhancements to the app UI and incremental features, we want our customers to be able to control when they upgrade their mobile apps to the latest version.  Therefore, the new version is available on the app stores as 'TerraGo Edge 4', and customers can run both versions of the Edge app, while training their field users.  

In order to ensure your success, here are details on steps to upgrade and some FAQs regarding this release and upgrade.

Steps for Upgrading to TerraGo Edge 4: 

1. Download the new app, "TerraGo Edge 4" from the product release announcement or the TerraGo website.
2. Confirm that your TerraGo Edge server has been upgraded to version 4. This will automatically happen for hosted servers. Upgrade installers for on-premise servers were sent to the organizations administrators in the product release announcement.
3. You can continue to use both the old and new apps (TerraGo Edge and TerraGo Edge 4 respectively). Both apps will sync data with your TerraGo Edge server.
4. When you’re ready to upgrade exclusively to TerraGo Edge 4, make sure all your TerraGo Edge app data has been fully synchronized to your Edge server before deleting the TerraGo Edge app to avoid any potential data loss.

FAQs for Upgrading to TerraGo Edge 4.0:

Q: How can I tell that all my old TerraGo Edge app data has been fully synchronized to the server?

A: The best way is to confirm by logging on to your Edge server through the Edge web UI and visually inspecting that all data has been synched.

Q: How long can I keep using TerraGo Edge current version before migrating to TerraGo Edge 4?

A: You can keep using version for at least a few months while you are migrating your users and workflows over to Edge 4.

Q: What resources are available to train my users on TerraGo Edge 4?

A: Upon release, TerraGo will provide training resources such as, on-demand videos, Knowledge Base FAQ articles, and updated technical documentation for administrators and app user guides. All these resources will be available on the TerraGo Knowledge Base and TerraGo website.

Q: What if I have a support issue with TerraGo Edge version

A: The TerraGo support team is here to help. Please just indicate which version you are running when you open your support case by either emailing or by submitting a case via our website at

Q: What is the schedule for upgrading my TerraGo Edge server hosted by TerraGo to version 4?

A: Hosted Edge servers will be upgraded overnight after Edge 4 officially goes live.

Q: Will my Edge v3.9 apps still work with the new TerraGo Edge server 4?

A: Edge apps will work with Edge server 4, but Edge 4 apps will not work with Edge server

Q: I have an on-premise TerraGo Edge server. What are my options for upgrading my server? Will old and new apps continue to work with my current server version?

A: On-premise Edge server customers will be sent the Edge server 4 upgrade installers in the product announcement, which will work exactly same as previous Edge server upgrades. Therefore, you can control the timing of your Edge server upgrade. Edge and 4 app will both work with Edge server 4, but only Edge apps will work with Edge server.

Q: What are the new features in TerraGo Edge 4?

A: Here is just a sample of the new exciting features of Edge 4:

1. Reimagined user experience We have completely rebuilt the Edge mobile user interface from ground up based on years of feedback from real users in the field.  It’s now even easier to use, if that’s possible.

2. Google & Apple maps Now Google and Apple standard, satellite and hybrid maps are available for data collection and are paired with new precise location pin icons for a cutting edge data collection experience.

3. Tabbed app navigation With the new easy to reach, tabbed navigation, it’s easier than ever to collect data in the field.  You are always only one tap away from the data you need to do your job.

4. Quick capture button The new quick capture button allows you to create notes, complete forms, take photos, drop points and draw lines/polygons from virtually anywhere in the app, with only one tap.

5. Unlimited attachments Now you can attach as many forms, documents and media attachments as you would like, to a single note. No more having to choose between multiple forms or documents/media attachments.

6. Responsive split screen view When holding your tablet or larger mobile device in landscape mode, new split screen views will be dynamically allow you to easily view lists/maps or lists/details all on one screen.

7. Detailed list view The new detailed list view shows more of your important note data making it easier than ever to find the notes you are looking for, and allows for one tap actions right from the list.

8. Forms list with create note View all of your form templates and quickly create notes directly from the form you selected with one tap.

9. Maps list with direct access Now you can easily access your offline maps from a list, within one notebook or across all notebooks.

10. Precise location capture Capture a more accurate location when creating notes by using the center crosshair target and coordinate level accuracy for dropping points and drawing lines/polygons.

11. Filter by map extent With the new map extent filter option, the filtered notes on the map and in the list stay dynamically in synch, yet another way that makes it easier to find the notes you're looking for.

12. Real time map preview Preview your online and offline maps in real time from the map selection screen to easily find the offline map you are looking for with one tap and no back and forth selection process.

If you have any questions about the upcoming release or want to discuss your plan for migration, contact us at 


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