My server is onsite, how do I install and activate it?


1. Download the appropriate Edge installer from the links in the purchase receipt, and run it, ensuring you have administrative privileges.

2. A web client should automatically launch after the server is installed.  If not, you can access it by going to http://(your local ip address):8080/edgeServer.  Login with username/password:  admin/admin




3.  Go to the License & user admin page from the Settings tab


4.  Click on the orange Activate / Renew button.  Your license should have been provided by email when you purchased a subscription to TerraGo Edge.

5a.  Enter your product key, and click Update License.  

5b.  If you do not have connectivity, or your server can not reach our licensing server (behind a firewall, etc), click the 'Go to offline Activation' link in orange at the top right of the activation box.  You will arrive at the screen below.  Contact TerraGo by the email with the license key and lock code that appears, and TerraGo will provide you with a license string to activate.

6.  Once you've activated either online or offline, you should see your status update in green like below:


6a.  If the status doesn't automatically update, please log out of the server, then log back in.


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