Sharing files between the TerraGo Edge Free Mobile App and an Edge Licensed Mobile App


  • Edge App Import Capabilities:
      • .edge files - Includes licenses, notebooks, notes, .mbtile maps and forms
      • .pdf files -includes GeoPDF and Geospatial PDF map conversion and import
  • Sharing .pdf and .edge Files Between Free and Paid Edge Apps:
        • Free to free - sharing always available
        • Free to licensed - sharing always available
        • Licensed to licensed - sharing available to anyone with an app connected to the same Edge Server
        • Licensed to licensed - sharing not available between apps connected to different licensed servers
        • Licensed to free - sharing not available from a licensed app to a free app
  • Best practices: 
      • Sharing a full Notebook as .edge will include all forms, maps, notes, etc.
      • Sharing an individual Note or Notes as .edge will only include the specific note(s) selected and will not include other forms, maps, or notes inside the Notebook
      • Map size and number of map layers will affect the time it takes to convert and import the file. When importing larger maps and maps with multiple layers, you will be sent a notification once the file has been successfully imported.


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