How to set up outgoing email in Edge?

The email settings in Settings -> Server & email settings on EdgeServer is used by Edge to send all emails from Edge. This includes emails that are sent with the license information when a user is setup, a new device is added and when edge data is shared by email.

TerragoEdge uses AutoDiscovery services to obtain the email settings that are available for Exchange, and Office365 accounts. To set up email using email accounts that use these services, the Edge Server should be able to connect to the auto discovery services that are available online over the internet. The user would then just need the email address and the password to set this up.

If the users email cannot be automatically discovered using the above services, or if  Edge Server does not have access to the internet, the user could set up email using the Custom option.

In order to set this up, the user would need the following information:-

  • Email id and password
  • The URL of the SMTP server.
  • The SMTP Port. The defaults are 465 for SSL, 26/587 for TLS.
  • The type of encrytion(TLS/SSL)

The email administrator or the email provider should be able to provide the above information. Also Edge Server, should be able to reach the SMTP server and port configured above, over the network.

TerragoEdge also provides the option of setting up a Gmail account. The user would have to enter their Gmail ID and password. Please follow the instructions in the following article, use Option 2, before setting up the Gmail account on Edge Server.




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