How do I get attribute data into my GeoPDF?

There are two methods to create GeoPDF documents with feature attributes using TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS. 

Option 1: The traditional method is to create GeoPDF documents with PDF Object Data, which embeds the features into PDF structures that can be read with the Object Data tool in Adobe Reader. 

Option 2: The more advanced method is to use GeoPackage feature attributes, which can be read with TerraGo Toolbar’s Identify Tool and shared by extracting the GeoPackage which is a normal file attachment to the PDF document. Within TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS, click the Export Configuration button and select the Attributes tab. Check the boxes next to the layers you would like to embed the attribute data for and select the either Object Data or GeoPacakge Feature Attributes for the method of embedding.

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