Important TerraGo Edge v3.9.4.4 Update Notice

TerraGo Edge provides over a dozen different online map sources, in addition to unlimited offline maps, on iOS, Android and web.  As of today, Mapquest has shutdown its direct tile access service. For TerraGo Edge users, this means the OSM MapQuest and OSM Aerial online maps may display an error message.

We have already modified TerraGo Edge on iOS, Android and web to correct the issue. Edge Android and iOS updates are available now on GooglePlay and Appstore. 

Users encountering an error message can change their map settings to utilize a different map source with the following simple steps.

For iOS or Android: View Map > Settings > Map > Select Open Street or other map source.
For Web: From any map view, select "Maps" dropdown box for a full list of other map sources.

For TerraGo Edge subscribers, you will need to upgrade your TerraGo Edge server to v3.9.4.4.  Hosted server deployments have already been upgraded to the latest version by TerraGo.  For on-premise server deployments, you should have received an email with the latest installers.  

Please contact regarding any questions.


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