What are GeoPackage feature attributes and why did you make them?

GeoPackage feature attributes are a feature of GeoPDF documents where as an alternative to PDF object data, features and attributes can be stored in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoPackage. GeoPackage is an OGC-standard way of storing and sharing geospatial data, so it was logical to leverage this standard. Moreover, by using the PDF file attachment feature specified by ISO 32000 which governs PDF, anyone with Adobe Reader or other software that understands PDF file attachments can pull the GeoPackage out and use it for other purposes.

GeoPackage feature attributes were made to address three issues:

  1. Provide a reliable Identify tool in TerraGo Toolbar.
  2. Provide a means to share and repurpose data used to make the GeoPDF map.
  3. Address performance concerns and implementation limits of PDF object data.


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