What is TerraGo Toolbar?

TerraGo Toolbar is a client application for TerraGo workflows hosted in Adobe Reader. It reads the georegistration information contained in GeoPDF documents and can use that to perform a variety of functions, including display and locate coordinates and providing a georeferenced document mark-up capability.  It may be thought of as the client application for the audience addressed by users of TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS, TerraGo Composer, or users of third-party GeoPDF-producing applications such as SOCET GXP or Intergraph GeoMedia. People may download TerraGo Toolbar from the TerraGo website for their personal use for any application or purpose at no cost.

Learn more about TerraGo Toolbar in the Product Overview. Try the the latest version. Download here.



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