How can I install and activate Publisher for ArcGIS version 7?


  • User has a version 7 Authorization Code.  Prior version 6 keys will not function with version 7.
  • Activations are available for this Authorization Code.
  • Users machine has an enabled network card (NIC).
  • Full system administrator privileges on the machine.
  • All Installation Requirements are in place.  See Publisher Product Release Notes

Important Notice: Publisher version 7.4 uses a new installer engine.  As a best practice, it is best to uninstall the old version and complete a fresh install with the new installer using the instructions below.


1.   Shut ArcGIS completely down.

2.  Uninstall the existing Publisher for ArcGIS software via the Add/Remove programs list.

3.  Double click to run the latest Publisher for ArcGIS installer.  A link to which was provided in your upgrade email.  This will launch the installation dialog.

  • If you did not receive an upgrade email, please contact and provide your version 6 Authorization Code.  This can be found in the product activation dialog, on the original purchase receipt, or on yearly maintenance quotes.


4.  Click the Next button.          

5.  Read the product EULA.

6.  Click to accept the Terms of the License Agreement.


7. Click Next.


8.  Select your Installation Path and click Next.


9.  Click 'Install' to begin the installation process.


10.  The software will now install.


11. Click the Finish button once installation is complete.  By default, the Activation Dialog will launch unless the option was checked off prior to clicking Finish.




1.  Click the radio button next to your license type.

  • By default, licenses will start in trial mode until successfully activated with a version 7 key. Select either Standalone or Concurrent based on your license type.
    • Note: If concurrent licensing, select the 'Concurrent radio' button.  You will be prompted to enter in the server name or IP address of the server in which you are running the TerraGo License manager to point the end user machines to the hosted licenses.
  • If you have dismissed the dialog it can be launched by going to Start--All Programs (or apps in later versions of Windows)--TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS--Activate TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS.

2.  Fill in your Contact Name and Authorization Code and click Next.


3.  Click Finish when the dialog says you have successfully activated.  The software is now installed, activated, and ready to use!


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