TerraGo Toolbar Installation Guide


  • Adobe Reader or Acrobat version X or above. Your Adobe product must not be running while you are trying to install the product.
  • Full system administrator privileges on the machine.  Please note the TerraGo Toolbar is supported on the Windows environment ONLY.
  • All Installation Requirements are in place.  See Toolbar Product Release Notes.
  • The TerraGo Toolbar product installer, which can be downloaded from http://info.terragotech.com/download/terrago-toolbar


1.  Double click the TerraGo Toolbar .exe to begin unpackaging the installer.

2.  Click Next.


3.  Read the product EULA, if you agree with the terms, click the box next to I accept the terms of the license agreement.

4.  Click Next.

5.  Navigate to the path you want the software installed to.

  • The product will default to the path in the image below, click the Change button to modify it.  Please note that it must be installed to the same drive that your Adobe product is installed to.

6.  Click Next.

7.  Click Next on the Completing InsallAware window that appears to proceed.  You will also have the option to change your settings, or to Cancel the installation process.

8.  The product will now install, this may take several moments.

9. Click Finish when the process is completed.

10.  Open your Adobe product.  The Toolbars location may be in a different location then what is shown below depending on which Adobe version you have installed.  There will always be a TerraGo menu at the top however.  The image below is Adobe DC and shows how to access the tools in the Tools menu of Adobe.



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