Can I import multiple GeoPDFs or GeoTIFFs to my Edge Server?

Yes!  With the advent of 3.9.6 you can upload multiple GeoPDFs directly from the file manager


1.  Click on the Maps tab of your TerraGo Edge Server.

2.  Click on the Import button.

3. Drag and Drop your maps, or click on Select Files.

4.  Browse to your file location if Select Files was used and hold Shift and left mouse click to select multiple files in a row, or Ctrl and a left mouse click to select multiple files not in a row.

5.  Click Open to load the files and the progress wheel will start to import the selected files.


6. Create a new notebook by selecting the + button or select the notebook in which the notes should be created.  You can specify the map name using the following options:

  • Default Name: The maps are created with the default name, based on the name of the geopackage
  • Custom Name: You can enter a custom name for the maps. The maps are named with a hyphen and a number added to the custom name that you enter.

7. Click the Import button.

8. The progress of the map creation is displayed in the Alerts tab as shown below.

9. You can click the Cancel button at any stage to stop the map creation.

10. Once the map is created successfully, an alert message is displayed and you can view the map in the map list view and also on the home screen.

The notes are created in the Notebook that you specified.



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