TerraGo Edge 3.9.6 Now Available!

TerraGo Edge Delivers Again with Customer-Driven Enhancements and New ArcGIS Integration Tools

TerraGo Edge version 3.9.6 continues to rapidly respond to the market and our customers’ needs with new features and enhancements to improve end user productivity, optimize field data management, and expand enterprise platform integration. Unlike large software vendors, TerraGo’s agile approach to development results in new features and releases in weeks rather then months or years — many of these feature requests driven by our customers’ experience and feedback.

A complete list of new features in 3.9.6 include:

  • Automate note names with custom form fields:
    Now you can configure the advanced one-click QuickNote! workflow feature, per notebook, to default the note name to the entry of a specific form template field so that the note is easily distinguishable based on your specific field data collection projects and requirements. Learn how in this KB Article.
  • Attach maps and forms to multiple notebooks simultaneously:
    Speed up your field project preparation efforts or your data management activities by using this new feature, which will allow you to select an individual offline map or form template, and easily and quickly attach them to many notebooks at the same time by simply selecting the desired notebooks from a list. Learn how in this KB Article.
  • Import multiple GeoPDF’s and GeoTIFF’s simultaneously:
    You have always able to support your offline map requirements for your field data collection projects by running the GeoPDF/GeoTIFF import process in parallel, but now you will be able to select from your file manager or drag & drop many GeoPDFs and/or GeoTIFFs at the same time for that same parallel processing.  Learn how in this KB Article.
  • New media filenames to help associate media to projects:
    We have updated the media (pictures, videos and audio files) filename process to now include notebook name, note name, and a time and date stamp, so when you export your critical field data, you will now be able to easily identify and relate your media files to your organization's projects and features.
  • New tools to support ArcGIS and enterprise integration:
    ArcGIS® and enterprise integration is now easier than ever using the TerraGo Edge REST API with the addition of sample code for every Edge REST endpoint provided to you via the very popular Postman API utility, which will bring you a significant level of efficiency while integrating and maintaining your systems with Edge.
  • Minor enhancements, bug fixes and performance improvements.


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