TerraGo Composer: What’s New in version 7.0

  • GeoPackage Feature Attributes and Identify Tool: GeoPDF documents created with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS may optionally store feature attributes in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoPackage attached as a PDF file attachment. As such, it may be saved separately from the PDF for use with other systems and workflows. TerraGo Toolbar provides an Identify Tool similar to that found in Esri ArcGIS ArcMap which can search, display, and edit the embedded feature attributes. Enhancements include searching selected layers and search performance optimizations.
  • More versatile 3D Models: The 3D GeoPDF Model Creator Tool has been extended to the creation of Universal 3D (U3D) models and georegistration metadata, which allows placement of 3D models created with the tool in arbitrary locations in PDF documents and reports with Adobe Acrobat and georegistration with TerraGo Composer to create advanced 3D GeoPDF documents.
  • Optimized 3D content: The 3D GeoPDF Model Creator Tool has been enhanced to support methods for reducing the size of imagery used to compose 3D GeoPDF scenes. These methods are:
    • Denoise, or reduce the entropy or random noise associated with an image to allow formore for more efficient compression, and
    • Downsampling, or reducing the total number of pixels in an image, by one of three different algorithms that trade of speed for quality:
      • Faster Processing (Cubic)
      • Balanced speed and quality (Lanczos)
      • Maximum quality (Blackman-Harris)
    • [Note: Downsampling is a form of denoising, and while not mutually exclusive, adding denoising to a downsampling operation is likely to increase processing time with no commensurate improvement in compression.]
  • Convert Measurements to GeoMarks: Measurements made with the Measure Tool can be converted to GeoMarks, which can be exported and shared as shapefiles or KML.
    User Interface Updates: Dialogs refactored to allow for better resizing.
  • Remote desktop access to application: Version 7 provides application access via remote desktop by default.

Important Notice: This release requires a new version 7.0 license key to activate software upgrade. Request your new license keys here.


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