TerraGo Publisher: What’s New in version 7.0

  • GeoPackage Feature Attributes and Identify Tool: GeoPDF documents created with TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS may optionally store feature attributes in an Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) GeoPackage attached as a PDF file attachment. As such, it may be saved separately from the PDF for use with other systems and workflows. TerraGo Toolbar provides an Identify Tool similar to that found in Esri ArcGIS ArcMap which can search, display, and edit the embedded feature attributes.
  • PubPy: ArcPy Python programming language extensions: PubPy is an extension of Esri’s ArcPy Python programming language interface which exposes various TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS functionality . PubPy functions enable the easy creation and deployment of Publisher-powered geoprocessing toolboxes to ArcGIS. PubPy is suitable for automating many Publisher tasks or implementing Web services for ArcGIS for Server applications. Version 7 further extends and expands the coverage of Publisher functionality.
  • Custom to-WGS84 datum shift embedding: Support for embedding custom to-WGS84 datum shifts using the seven-parameter Position Vector method (EPSG method 9606) for ISO style map frames in GeoPDF documents to display WGS84-based coordinate systems with TerraGo Toolbar.
  • Advanced layer configuration options: TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS provides superior configuration of how layers are presented in the layer pane of Adobe Reader, allowing simplification and rearrangement of layers without having to change the ArcMap Table of Contents. Version 7 has added user interface enhancements to make this job easier.
  • TerraGo Edge integration with Edge Notebooks and MBTiles Tile caches: TerraGo Publisher for ArcGIS provides for the creation of Edge Notebooks and MBTiles tile caches from its new TerraGo Edge dialog. Edge Notebooks and MBTiles tile caches are used to provide base maps for applications delivered to TerraGo Edge mobile clients. Edge Notebooks are used to organize applications deployed on TerraGo Edge and use MBTiles tile caches to store the base map information. MBTiles tile caches are a popular, published file-based Web mapping standard used by a variety of applications including TerraGo Edge.
  • Remote desktop access to application: Version 7 provides application access via remote desktop by default.

Important Notice: This release requires a new version 7.0 license key to activate software upgrade. Request your new license keys here.



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