Terrago Magic App Upgrade Instructions

We want our customers to have complete control over which features are enabled in their custom apps.  Therefore, all new app features released default to an ‘OFF’ status until the organization’s administrator decides to turn on the feature and publish to the App Stores.

Here are the steps to upgrade your TerraGo Magic custom app to include new feature releases:

1. Login to the TerraGo Magic AppStudio at terrago magic.com with your login credentials.

2. Click on the ‘APPS’ tab in the menu bar to bring up your list of custom apps.

3. Select the app you want to modify and click on the ‘Configuration’ tab to 


4. Click through the feature categories to review new available features.  For the TerraGo Magic 2.1 release, there are three new features.  These features are available under the ‘Notes’ feature category tab and ‘Systems Settings’ tab. See next steps for turning on the new features in TerraGO Magic 2.1.Feature_Groups.png

5. Under the ‘Notes’ feature category, there are two new features available to turn on to add to your app(s) by clicking to the ‘ON’ Position:

Turn-by-Turn Navigation: Automatically navigate to specific locations in TerraGo Edge using Apple® and Google® directions and maps.

Extended Waypoint Guidance and Proximity Alerts: View remaining distance and direction to specific waypoints on a map in TerraGo Edge to locate off-road assets. Configurable proximity alerts will indicate when you're close to your destination.


6. Under the ’System Settings’ feature category, there is one new feature available to turn on to add to your apps) by clicking to the ‘ON’ Position:

Laser Range Finder Integration: Capture remote points, lines, and polygons in remote or difficult to reach locations with high-accuracy using a laser range finder to accelerate data collection work and minimize physical movements.


7. Once you have enabled new features, the last step is to publish your updated app to the app stores by clicking ‘Build’ in the upper right corner. You will be notified when the new app version is live.


To learn more about using these features in your TerraGo Magic custom app, read the articles How to Use Point-to-Point Navigation and Waypoint Guidance and Using Laser Range Finder to Capture Location

Contact support@terragotech.com regarding any questions.


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